Party Planning Check List

Two months before:

  • Make a guest list

  • Pick a venue

  • Pick a time

  • Pick a theme/color scheme  

One month before:

  • Send invites

  • Plan a budget

  • Plan a menu (Apps, Desserts or sit down meal)

  • Buy or rent any additional supplies for food (plates, glasses, utensils)

  • Buy or rent decorations

  • Plan entertainment or an activity like a game or a photo booth 

One week before:

  • Make a party playlist, make sure you have a good sound system, especially if there will be dancing

  • Finalize reservations for any rentals, catering, etc.

Day of the Party:

  • Set up the room, keeping in mind flow of the party

  • Make sure you have someone refilling drinks and food, plus making sure the party is running smoothly

  • Have fun! Parties are supposed to be fun for your guests, but also for you. Make sure to enjoy yourself!

  • Clean up, don’t forget to make a plan for cleaning up the space

Want help with anything on this list? Contact us so we can help you balance time, quality, and budget when hosting a party.

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