7 Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Party, and 3 Mistakes Not to Make

There are basics to any party, like who to invite and what to eat, but how do you take your party to the next level? We’ve all been to parties that are unforgettable for one reason or another, and we’ve all been to parties that have you checking your phone, wondering when it’s no longer considered rude before you can leave.

Check out these party tips to help you host an unforgettable party for you and your guests:

1. Great entertainment:

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Be it as simple as live music or as captivating as a drag performance. Great entertainment can take your event and make it an experience you and your guests won’t forget.

2. Activities

Depending on the occasion, if your guests are all old friends, or if many of them have never met, an activity is a great way to break the ice. Keep it simple with a game like Cards Against Humanity, or rent a photo booth to increase the energy, encourage guests to stay longer, all while providing a way to remember the event.

3. Music - always, everywhere


Make a playlist for every part of the party, when people arrive, as people start chatting, add something to keep people's energy up as the night goes on. You can even have a fun song to end the night (but don’t do Closing Time, please don’t be that guy).

4. Food for the Occasion   

Great food leads to a great party. It’s never a bad idea to pick up snacks like chips and cupcakes from the grocery store, but your guests would be lying if they said food wasn’t one of the main reasons they came in the first place. Think out of the store-bought box and pick up potstickers from your favorite Chinese restaurant, or hire a caterer to whip up some heavy appetizers - it might be cheaper and easier than you’d think.

5. Signature Cocktail



Like having the right food, finding drinks everyone likes for a party can be difficult. Stocking a full bar adds up very quickly, but providing just beer and wine can be a little boring as well. Provide a signature cocktail in order to add something a little more memorable without having to stock a whole bar.

6. Decorating

The first impression people get when they walk into your party is how the room looks and feels. Nice decorations can completely change how people feel when they walk in the door. For some parties the theme is clear but coming up with something to be the guiding principle for your space is good. If you’re planning a Halloween party, make it creepy chic or a horror house. Go beyond throwing a bridal shower and make the theme your friends favorite TV show. Remember to decorate the whole room and use quality decor. Plastic table cloths will bring down the quality of a party as quickly as cloth ones will elevate it.

7. Party Favors

Give your guests something to take home with them and remember the inevitably amazing party you just pulled off. If you’re throwing a Galentine’s Day brunch, give everyone a monogrammed champagne glass. Ordering party favors is a super simple way to show your guests that you thought of every last detail.


Making your party stand out is great, but there are some mistakes that can ruin even the best party.


1. Under Planning

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Think your party all the way through. Who is invited? Do your guests know each other? If most of the people coming are friends from high school, but you invited your fun co-workers, make sure to come up with some sort of ice breaker so the groups will intermingle. Is your party close to a meal time? It’s fine not to have a full meal for your guests, but you may want to let them know. Does the venue have limited parking? Make sure people know about the parking options before the party so people don’t come late and annoyed. There are hundreds of details like that for any party, be sure to think about the experience of your guests and plan accordingly.

2. Wrong Food

Keeping food simple is something that seems like a clear way to keep your party in budget and cut down on prep, but be careful how you do it. Make sure you have something with protein, especially at parties where there is drinking. Don’t forget to pick up plates, cups, and napkins. If you have something that should be eaten with utensils, make sure to have places that people can put their food down and eat.

3. Going too Big Without Help

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Planning a normal party is hard enough, trying to make your party stand out can add a lot of work. While it’s great to have a grand plan remember that you are still human. Find friends who can help with some of the stuff on your list. Or hire people *cough, cough* like an a la carte event service to help with the parts of the party you don’t enjoy. Remember, parties are suppose to be fun not just for your guests but for you as well. You worked hard on this party - don’t spend all of your time trying to be the perfect host and forget to have fun.

Ivy Estenson