8 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Party

Photo booths are a trendy activity to have at a party. Unlike some trends that we quickly learn we should never have done that (mullets, just why?!), photo booths add a lot to any party and go way beyond having the cool, latest thing. Here are 8 reasons why you should have a photo booth at your next party:

1. It's an ice breaker


When you plan a party that brings different groups of friends together it can sometimes be hard to get them to intermingle. Taking pictures at a photo booth is a great way to get people to start taking either about the pictures they took or trying to get a group picture. The friend your cousin brought and your favorite co-worker from your old job will hit it off in no time.

2. Capture memories of the night

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We all know if there aren’t pictures it didn’t happen, but how many times have you and your friends gone to a party and the only pictures you end up with are the selfies you took right after you finished your makeup? Breaking up the party to make everyone take a picture would make you that person. Taking some pictures in the photo booth with props and a cool background? Yes please! Plus with great lighting and high res camera, you will look amazing.

3. It's affordable

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Photographers cost between $900-$6,000 dollars per hour to have at a party. Photo booths cost around $600 for the first 2 hours and even less for additional hours. Plus with a photo booth you get to see the pictures while you take them so you can be sure you are getting the best shot and your hair isn’t doing that weird thing you hate.

4. Activity for your party

Not only does a photo booth give you great mementos from the party but it also is part of creating the memories.

5. Fun for all ages


It can be hard when you are throwing a party with a group of all ages to find an activity everyone enjoys. You can’t exactly have a drinking game when kids are around, but at the same time adults aren’t quite as thrilled with a party clown. Photo booths are something everyone can enjoy. Even your 80 year old grandparents who can never remember their wifi passwords can press a button.

6. Works for Any Occasion

Weather it’s an engagement party, a work event, or a bar mitzvah photo booths are great for any occasion.

7. Personalized

Adding props to the pictures can make them even better memories. Whether it’s happy birthday signs with your name on it, props in your wedding colors, or just an inside joke between friends personalized props can make the moment yours.

8. Bliss Photo Booths are Flexible


Unlike traditional photo booths, Bliss photo booths are flexible and fit well in different types of spaces. We will need some space, but we can adjust height and distance easily.

Planning a party? Book a photo booth today and take your event to the next level!

Ivy Estenson