Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

Are you going to be someone’s Maid of Honor? You’ve just been tasked with the feat of showing the Bride the best night of her life before she says “I Do.” No pressure, right? What could go wrong? By using this handy timeline or calling in professional help (*hint hint* that’s us!), you’ll throw a Bachelorette party that goes off without a hitch.

3 months before bachelorette party:

  • Choose the date
    • Trying to get upwards of 10 people together for one night of fun (some of whom may be coming from out of town) can be hard to arrange. Use tools like Google Forms or a Doodle Poll to determine people’s availability
  • Ask the Bride
    • You might think you know exactly what the Bride will and won’t want to do at her Bachelorette party, but chances are she has a few things she will want you to include during the event, and a few things she definitely won’t want. Ask her to give you a list of party dos and don'ts and leave the rest a surprise to her.
  • Determine Spending Limit
    • A Bachelorette party should include all of the bride’s friends, so it’s important to consider how much money everyone is able to spend during the party. If you are able to cover the cost of the entire party, more power to you, but it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the group to chip in. Remember to factor in covering the bride’s portion too!
  • Choose a theme
    • A theme anchors and guides a party. It will help you decide what activities to do, what to wear, music to play, and even the type of food and drink to serve. When thinking of a theme, consider the bride’s favorite music, movies, or TV shows. Throw her a Beyonce Bachelorette, or a Night in Paris, or a party with all of her F-R-I-E-N-D-S.
  • Pick a place
    • Choose a location that’s easy for everyone to get to. As far as venues go, don’t stress too much on being VIP at a club or renting out a room. Bachelorette parties can be fun anywhere, and with the right decorations, drinks, and music, a pre-game in your living room can be just as fun as a bar.
    • When it’s time to head out, choose an activity that will help bond the group (e.g. an escape room, dance class), and have a few places in mind where you all want to go after.
  • Ask for help
    • Maybe you’re realizing throwing an unforgettable bachelorette party is a lot more complicated than you thought. Let us help! We are happy to join the party planning process whenever you are ready, but if you contact us early we can be the most help. Planning, budgeting, and coordinating can be a lot of work, so why not let us take on the stressful parts while you have all the fun? We are happy to take you out for coffee and send you a quote.

2 months before

  • Invitations
    • Invite people good and early so they don’t make other plans. Mailing invites is always a classy choice, but we often create a Facebook event instead or in addition to so everyone can stay updated and communicate.
  • Decorations
    • We can’t stress this enough: figure out the decorations early. If you are going the DIY route, start crafting well before the big day, or else you’ll find yourself elbows deep in Mod Podge 10 hours before party.

1 month before

  • Food & Drink
    • Make any reservations or book events when you have a concrete head count.
    • If you’re pre-gaming at someone’s house or a party room, create a fun cocktail to serve. Plan to serve snacks as well to make sure everyone stays upright all night.

1 week before

  • Verify reservations
    • There’s nothing worse than showing up to a restaurant only to find out they never took down your reservation. Take 5 minutes to double check.
  • Pick up food and booze
  • Gather decorations and supplies
    • Designate some space to make a staging area to make sure you don’t forget anything for the big day. Everything will be there so you can avoid any last minute scrambling.

Day before

  • Decorate and set up what you can. If you don’t have access to the party room beforehand, put everything in your car ahead of time.

Day of

  • You’re perfectly prepared for this! Remain flexible and calm as not everything will go as planned.
  • Make sure you enjoy this night as much as the bride does. Bliss is here to help with any aspect of the Bachelorette party planning process. Let us take you for a Coffee and a Quote and Bliss will tell you how you can be a guest at your own party.
Ivy Estenson