You Were Just Asked to be the Maid of Honor… Now What?

Congratulations! Your best friend is getting married, and she chose you to stand next to her when she says “I do.” It’s going to be an exciting time full of memories to cherish forever, but it’s completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Now that you’re tasked with planning an engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party, it’s time to start preparing and get organized ahead of time. Bliss is here to help with anything you need. Starting with this list of things you can do to ensure the bride has an unforgettable engagement, and you enjoy this special time with your best friend.


  • Get the contact information for everyone in the bridal party

  • Ask the bride and groom for any dates during which they are unavailable. This will help determine the time and date for the parties you will be throwing for them!

Engagement Party (occurs within first month of engagement)

  • Invitations: Engagement parties typically occur during the first month of the couple’s engagement, so the turnaround time for invitations is rather tight. Ask the couple for a guest list including family and friends, and whoever else they would like at their engagement party

  • Venue: The location of the venue is more important than the venue itself. Set a venue that is equidistant to most of the couple’s family and friends, and don’t worry about the type of location where the party is being held. You can host the engagement party at your home, an apartment’s event space, a restaurant party room, or a church community room. Any space can be decorated and manipulated to create a beautiful scene.

  • Entertainment: The engagement party is all about celebrating the couple and bringing together the most important people in their lives. It’s likely that many people will be meeting for the first time, so consider adding in activities that help break the ice, like a photo booth, close up magician, or a palm reader.

Bridal Shower (3-5 months before wedding)

  • Friends, family, or both?: First, determine if the couple’s families plan on throwing a bridal shower. Oftentimes, the mothers or aunts of the bride and groom will throw showers for the bride and her family, but check in with the family before sending out invitations to make sure you aren’t leaving anyone out. Even if the family is hosting a party it can be nice to throw a party that is just for the friends of the bride and groom, something a little more casual that lets the couple be themselves.

  • Invitations: 4 to 5 weeks before

  • Theme: You will have more time to plan the bridal shower than you did the engagement party, so consider creating a theme for the shower. When choosing a theme, consider your friend’s favorite TV shows, musicians, movies, or destinations. Throw her a Breakfast at Tiffany’s shower, a Friends-themed shower, or a Parisian brunch shower.

Bachelorette Party (1-2 months before wedding)

  • Who?

    • Does the bride want the party to include just the bridesmaids, or will it include other friends and possibly family? Determine this ASAP.

  • What?

    • Ask the bride to give you a list of things she would definitely want to do during her bachelorette party (e.g. drag show), and a list of things she does NOT want to do (e.g. strippers, unless you can somehow actually get Channing Tatum). This will help you determine the type of night she wants to have, without having to spoil the surprise for her.

  • When?

    • Getting together a big group of people can be difficult. Make sure to set a date that works best for the majority of the group. Use tools like Doodle, Survey Monkey, or Google Forms to help get responses and stay organized.

  • Where?

    • Will the party occur in the bride’s hometown? Will you be leaving the state or even country? Figuring out all of the above factors will help you decide the party’s location.

If you want more help making the events around your best friend’s wedding unforgettable, contact us here. Let us take you out for a coffee to see how we can make this fun for you as well as the bride to be.

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Ivy Estenson