Throw a New Year’s Party Your Guests Will Talk About all Year

There are a lot of pros to throwing a New Year’s Eve party: 1) You get to have all of your friends over, 2) it’s a perfect excuse to feel fancy and drink champagne, 3) you and your friends can avoid over-crowded bars, high cover charges, plus overpriced drinks, 4) you get to drink as much champagne as you want and not worry about driving home, 5) your friends will probably bring hostess gifts, and some of them will probably be bottles of champagne.

With that being said, there are for sure a some cons to throwing a New Year’s Eve party: 1) Waking up to a house ravaged by confetti poppers, 2) hungover cleaning (you did drink a lot of champagne), 3) making sure the party goes smoothly the whole night so you don’t really get to enjoy it.

Here are some ways to make your New Year’s Eve party enjoyable for both your guests and you:

1. Start the party later

Since this a party celebrating something that happens at midnight, it’s a good idea to invite guests to arrive at 9:00 instead of 7:00 so that the celebration can continue after the clock strikes 12:00. Treat the midnight ball drop as the apex of the party just like you would if there were an entertainer during the evening. Your guests will have something to stick around for, and after midnight, have some games or interactive aspects to keep the energy of the party alive.

2. Capture the moment


A great way to keep the momentum of the party is by giving your guests something to congregate around. A photobooth is a simple solution that will provide an activity for guests to bond over, pictures to reminisce over, and will be a low-maintenance activity that the host won’t have to worry about facilitating.

3. Upgrade your toast


Provide a champagne toast for your guests at midnight. To keep it simple, pour champagne into glasses and serve on a tray. If you’d like to make your toast a little more unique, make it a signature cocktail. It’s a simple and cost-efficient way to upgrade your toast. Don’t happen to have enough champagne flutes for all of your guests? We can help.

4. Enjoy!

How often do you get all of your friends together for a night of fun? Take the pressure off and let Bliss help you with whatever stresses you out about throwing a party be it planning, decorating, rentals, or clean up. It’s time to be the guest at your own party.

Ivy Estenson